Frequently Asked Questions

What is TESLAW?
TESLAW is a professional organization of Texas attorneys representing athletes, sports leagues, sports teams, musicians, music producers, music labels, music publishers, filmmakers, actors, artists, authors, venues and many others involved in the sports or entertainment businesses.

Is there really a Sports and Entertainment business in Texas?
You bet. Texan musicians, filmmakers and writers are hugely successful. And the legal talent that helps guide the careers and business interests is often homegrown. Members of TESLAW represent and work with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, both creators and businesses.

What does a sports or entertainment attorney do?
Many things, depending on the need. Generally, an attorney will counsel about the legal aspects of the sports and entertainment industries. An attorney may also negotiate and draft contracts, establish a business entity, prepare copyright or trademark registrations, or pursue litigation if you’ve been wronged.

Can a sports or entertainment attorney help me make it?
Probably not. Most attorneys can’t run very fast, or sing or dance very well. The talent and hard work must come from the artist. An attorney can play a big role in helping a talented person get to the next level, and most importantly, earn and keep the fruits of their work.

Can a sports or entertainment attorney help my business make it?
Probably. Attorneys are well-versed in the ins-and-outs of the legalities of running a business. An attorney with experience in your area of business can provide insight and expertise so you can make the most of your endeavor.

I’m a filmmaker with a script – what should I do next?
Call a TESLAW attorney that works with filmmakers. The film and television industries are huge in Texas. Taking your script to production requires skill in business, just as much as skill with a camera. An attorney can make sure you have the proper contracts with your talent, locations, financiers, distributors and copyright and trademarks clearances.

A music producer just offered me a contract –what should I do next?
Call a TESLAW attorney that works with musicians and music producers. Music contracts are full of legal details that can effect the ownership of your music. Music business horror stories are well known. Before signing any contract, have an attorney well-versed in the music help you out.

Why do I need an attorney?
If sports or entertainment is your business, or you want the sports or entertainment businesses to buy your groceries, you likely need an experienced attorney. An attorney can make sure your assets are protected, your revenue is maximized, your rights protected and your art your number one priority.

Where are TESLAW attorneys?
In your hometown. Great sports and entertainment attorneys are all over Texas. There’s no need to look for an attorney in New York, Los Angeles or Nashville. A Texas-based attorney can have the same knowledge and contacts and still be a Texan!

How do I contact a TESLAW attorney?
You can use the “Find an Attorney” feature on the website to find attorneys that work in particular area of sports or entertainment and that is in your geographic location.